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Print is not dead

Websites certainly have their place in today’s fast paced economy. Information has to be available¬† at the click of a button, and fast! However, there is another side of the coin… that is just as important as as it always has been.

The right print materials and merchandise can truly set your business apart from other companies who deal primarily online. Perfect examples of businesses with an absolute necessity for printed stationary are:

Local small businesses – The ability to network with other locals, and market via word of mouth is key. A sturdy, professionally designed business card which is unique will set you apart from others in your industry – and can help build perception of a strong company and brand. Ventura county in particular, with it’s high tech population are more likely to judge your business on it’s branding strength – so give them something to remember!

Service Industry – Like other local businesses, your business deals primarily in service – meaning that the impression you leave on your customers is priceless. Don’t skimp on stationary. Your clients are likely to judge your business on the materials you present, including your business cards, invoices, and brochures. Give them something to remember, and show them that you will be around for years to come.

Photographers / Creatives – With a flood of creativity surrounding your work, you have to prove to your client that you are one of a kind. Your business card makes a statement about you as an individual, what type of eye you have for perspective, and your willingness to market yourself to them. The Ventura, Santa Barbara, and LA areas have a wealth of photographers, so choosing a simple online template really isn’t an option anymore. Let’s build you something custom!

Who can skimp?

Online start-ups – Chances are, if you just started an online business – you probably won’t be running into many locals or potential customers just yet who need your services / goods. However, it’s a good idea to get them within the first year of business – because you never know when you will bump into that much needed supplier, or a friend, family or co-worker who needs exactly what you sell. Once your business takes off, you can chime in with mailers, bookmarks, or other printed promotional items. As you build up your company, you will find that handing off a special discount print or business card is much easier than communicating via scraps of written paper.

Save the trees!

If you need printed materials, but are afraid of the damage they do to our environment; you will be pleased to know that there are several options available that take it easy on mother nature. Almost all printing companies offer 100% recycled, and partially recycled options on almost all types of prints.  Whether your after business cards, postcards, fliers, or signs Рthere is a solution out there that can help!

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