Content Management Systems

WordPress Ecommerce Developer

WordPress Ecommerce DeveloperNobody wants to be stuck with a standard HTML website that they can’t edit. A content management system, also known as a CMS will put the power of your website in YOUR hands. Content Management allows the end user to log in to a back-end administration area, and edit the information displayed on the pages of your website. These types of sites are also great at handling frequent updates from multiple sources, such as a blog or e-commerce site where you need multiple users to log in and edit the content.

WordPress Content Management WebsitesSome frequently referenced content management systems include WordPress, Jumla, Drupal, and other based systems. We prefer WordPress because of it’s ease of use for our clients. Using the site editor is very similar to using Microsoft Office products. If you’ve heard of WordPress before, you’ve probably heard of it referenced as a blog. While this is true with free blogs hosted by WordPress, there is another side to the name. WordPress also distributes an open source,¬†publishing platform under the same name. This is the coding framework with which web developers and designers can build powerful sites that allow their customers to have ultimate access to their website data.

Benefits of using WordPress:

  • Engage your audience with time sensitive information, and frequent updates
  • Don’t pay a web guru to edit your website
  • Add text, photo and even video to your site pages


Plus, there are thousands of plugins, that have been developed specifically for WordPress, to handle needs outside of it’s core functionality. Including some popular ones such as:

  • E-commerce websites
  • Video feeds from YouTube
  • Event listings
  • Booking and calendar management
  • Intake forms, surveys and questionnaires
  • Facebook¬† and other social media integration
  • Property, or employee listing / management
  • Thousands more!