Graphic Design – Project Matching

Chances are, you’ve worked with a graphic designer at some point in the past. Maybe you had a decent experience, maybe it was a nightmare. Regardless, my job is to make sure you are a happy customer. That doesn’t just mean giving you some designs, and sending on your merry way.

I believe in the ease of content management, I believe that you own everything you’ve paid for. Right down to your Illustrator, Photoshop, and HTML files. If you want to hire someone else down the road, they should never have to start over at square one.

I do offer hosing services, but encourage my clients to purchase their own Domain names for websites, so that there is never any question about who owns them. You own your company, why should your design files and website be any different.

Matching needs with skills

I have an arsenal of graphic design skills. Maybe my skills are a perfect match for your specific project, maybe they aren’t. If you need some more advanced PHP programming, some heavy duty SEO, or anything else – I would be happy to help match you with the programmer or designer who has the skills you need. Since I do a lot of freelancing with other local businesses in the Ojai and Ventura area, chances are that I have someone who is capable of taking on your project. Heck, I’ve probably even worked with them a time or two!